Cats left to die alone.

Two seven-month-old female cats were found clinging to life Saturday in Campbell River after being abandoned in the woods inside a crate sealed with packing tape.

A man was walking his dog on a logging road near Quinsam Crossing when the dog alerted him to the crate off the road. The cats, covered in their own urine and feces and suffering scratches from panicking and trying to claw their way out of the container, were taken by the man to the Comox SPCA.

The SPCA immediately transported the cats to Van Isle Veterinary Clinic where they remain on intravenous medications and hydration. The black and white domestic short haired female cat weighed 1.75 kilograms and the orange and white domestic short haired female cat weighed 2.3 kilograms. The normal weight for a seven-month-old cat, estimated to be their age, should be around four kilograms according to a spokesperson from the Comox SPCA.

The condition and obvious suffering the cats endured had some of the SPCA staff in tears.

“The black and white cat has severe organ impairment but she did start eating today,” said a SPCA spokesperson. “She is not out of the woods and they will re-test her blood on Wednesday. If there has been no improvement she will be humanely euthanized.”

Leon said that they were unable to get any evidence from the crate because it had been out in the elements. The cats had no identification on them, including no tattoos or microchips.

“This case will be solved by the public,” he said. “Does anyone remember a couple of cats being around a neighbouring home and suddenly not there? Does anyone recognize these two cats? Has anyone heard someone talking about leaving cats in the woods?”

The spokesperson said it is one thing to abandon cats out in the woods, to fend for themselves, it is another to trap them inside a crate, seal it with packing tape, and leave them to suffer an agonizing death.

“Those cats did not have a snowball’s chance in hell of getting out of there,” he said.

He said he hoped the cats were not abandoned because there is no SPCA in Campbell River.

“We are not that far away for people to bring their unwanted animals from Campbell River,” he said.

If and when found, the person(s) will face charges under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act and the Criminal Code of Canada. Penalties on convictions range from fines, not being allowed to own animals again, to jail time.

If you have any information about this case, please contact the Comox SPCA at (250) 339-7722.

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