Annie: Lost and Not Found.

Annie, the nine-year-old border collie is still lost and the desperate family has turned to the help of psychics to find her.

Annie lives in Merville but went missing while visiting a Soderholm Road resident in Campbell River on New Year’s Eve, with her owner Katie White.

When a neighbour set off fireworks just as Annie was let outside, the dog was spooked and took off into the night.

“Two psychics said that Annie was with a family who had found her who live close to a school about five miles from where she was lost,” said White. “A young boy has bonded with her. She is really trying to get home but right now she is tired and resting at a home with very nice people. One of the readings said these people that have her are trying to find her owners.”

Also known as animal communicators, they provide information or “readings” over the phone, email or in person. In this case it was by phone.

White also had a third reading from another pet communicator on Monday who said Annie is hanging out around a boat or airplane storage with a concrete parking lot where people are coming and going.

“The area has trees on one side with a hill or incline,” said White. “The building is white (covered with plastic, vinyl or aluminum) and has a green/blue tinge. The area is not on the water, but close to a small creek or pond that has ducks or geese on it.”

But still the mystery continues.

“We have been looking everywhere and although there have been sightings, none of them have been confirmed to be her,” said White. “On Monday we had three sightings of a black dog between Nurmi/Williams Beach Road and the Merville store area. The dog has been seen crossing the highway. We have also been getting calls with possible sightings of a black dog along the highway in Oyster River. Keep on the lookout from York Road to Discovery Foods Plaza.”

There is a $500 reward for Annie’s safe return. You can call 250-897-0069 if you see Annie. White says to try to take a picture of the dog so her identity can be confirmed.

“We have been searching every day, as have many other countless people,” said White. “We are so thankful for all of their support. This is the silver lining in Annie’s disappearance, that so many people have offered their prayers, time, words of encouragement, equipment and knowledge. It brings tears of gratitude to my eyes when I think about how many people care about Annie and want her to come home to her family. I want to thank each and every person who has reached out and helped us.”

And the waiting has been taking its toll on the family. “My stepson, Jacob (13), misses her dearly,” said White. “He asks everyday if she has been found yet. It is heartbreaking to tell him that we haven’t located her yet.  Our home and hearts feel empty without the presence of Annie. She brings so much joy into our world and it hurts deeply to have her lost like this.”

(2 years later, Annie was never found)

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