Delilah update

Despite taking a week off work to look for his beloved dog Delilah, who ran away from a dog walker on Nov. 21, Ryan Toporowski has been unable to find her and has had to return to work.

“She has been missing three weeks today with fewer calls of sightings coming in,” Toporowski said, clearly emotional about the prospect of not finding her. “I cannot be looking for her as much now, but there have been sightings in the Twillingate Road area by Rona, in the Colorado Drive area and also someone said they saw her with another dog by the estuary behind the Quinsam Hotel.”

The year-and-a-half old American Staffordshire Terrier who was rescued from Texas has only been in Campbell River with his owners, Toporowski and Ashley Barney, for a couple of months.

“She did weigh about 75 pounds when she went missing. She is spayed and microchipped but the microchip will only identify where she comes from if she is at a vet’s office,” said Barney. “It does not track them.”

Hundreds of searchers have been out looking for Delilah and she has been posted on many social networking sites including “Lost and found animals of Campbell River” a Facebook group that people can join to inquire about their lost pets. This site has kept updated information on Delilah from day one.

“I hope it will end well,” said Toporowski, who is the head coach of the Campbell River Storm junior hockey team. “I mean she’s my dog, I have to stay optimistic.”

The owners ask that residents in the Twillingate and Colorado Drive area keep their eyes open for Delilah as well as around the estuary and where she initially was lost around the Canyon View Trail area.

They say it is possible someone has her, or perhaps she has found another dog to roam with. They would also like to thank everyone who has helped try to find Delilah including the professionals in the dog community.

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