Letter to an animal dumper.

Dear (former) pet owner.

Do you think your dog/cat is still waiting for you at the spot you dumped him in the woods or logging road, far away from the sites and smells he is used to that bring him comfort?

Do you think he is confused but remaining loyal to your scent, hunkering down at that spot you drove away, until frigid temperatures or intolerable heat cause him to abandon his post and find shelter in a place where he doesn’t know where his next step will take him?

You took an innocent animal who loved you and relied on you to keep him safe, and abandoned him far from home where he would be lost, terrified, cold, hungry, traumatized and trying to figure out how to get home. The panic he felt is unimaginable. Was that your intention?

To cause him to suffer and die an excruciating death, where crows and turkey vultures pick at him, perhaps before he is quite dead.

Was that your intention?

Will you think about him, ever?, out there alone, and wonder what happened to him, or just naively assume because he is an “animal” he is meant to be in the “wild” anyway and will be just fine.

But the truth is, he would either be killed by a bigger wild animal, ripped apart and terrified, or wounded and infected, or, without nourishment or shelter, he would have lingered with untreated illness or wounds, suffering horrible pain through each stage of his physical deterioration, eventually succumbing to pneumonia as he tried to find a quiet place hidden away in the bush or garbage pile , or under a log, or perhaps out in the open, where he would struggle to breathe, convulse, and pass away, alone and scared but amazingly, probably still thinking about you and wishing you were with him.

Or he may have found a road and in trying to get home, was hit by a car, and became an anonymous body to be scooped up and thrown in a garbage bag.


Can you actually sleep at night knowing you left him to cope in the pitch black of night, an innocent animal who never understood why he was being taken away from his home to be lost and alone in winter storms terrifying lightening, the blinding heat of the sun, freezing or burning?

Did you enjoy all your meals this past week, or month, while your pet starved, losing muscle mass, weakening, until his organs started shutting down?

Your friends, co-workers, acquaintances would be sickened if they knew what you did. Most people find this kind of act deplorable and cowardly.

What have you told your kids about where their pet is? Did you lie because of your shame or to avoid them crying and worrying about what ever happened to their pet, for years to come. You, as their role model, have now taught them it’s ok to throw away living beings who love you if they become inconvenient, expensive, or you have failed to train them properly and they pay for that. It is hard to understand the kind of cold heart that goes into this kind of act.

It is never too late to make amends and go and look for your pet. He is likely still close by to where you left him if it has not been too long. Please make this right, look for him, put up posters, you don’t have to admit what you did at this point, just say he is lost, ask others to look for him, and if found, take him to a shelter where he will be cared for, have his injuries and illness treated, humanely euthanized if he is too sick to recover, or be cared for in a safe, warm, loving environment and re-homed to a person or family who will return his loyalty.

You cared for this living being at one time. Please end your relationship with him with kindness and grace. And never have another pet.


__________________ _______________________

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